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Maxsurf Training 2008-11-13 18 2512.1 KB
This training manual should be used in conjunction with the Maxsurf User manual supplied with the program. It provides additional examples and explanations of the features available in Maxsurf and how they may be used to their best advantage. ..

  Maxsurf Tutorial1-Design_Simple_Hull 2008-11-13 28 415.96 KB
Tutorial 1: Design simple hull 1. If you have an existing design open, first close it by selecting File | Close. Now create a new design by selecting File | New Design. 2. Go to Data | Units, and select metres as the units for length, and to..

  Maxsurf Tutorial2-Fairing 2008-11-13 16 357.15 KB
We now want to manipulate the design to increase the overall fairness of the hull shape. The easiest way to ensure a fair surface is to keep the control net as fair as possible, since this will effectively amplify any unfairness in the surfac..

  Maxsurf Tutorial3-Chine_hull_using_multiple_bonded_surfaces 2008-11-13 23 554.27 KB
1. If you have an existing design open, you will have to close it first (File | Close Design). Select File | New Design menu option. 2. Create a topsides surface from a flat, longitudinal plane (Surfaces | Add Surface | Longitudinal Plane). ..

  maxsurf User Manual 2008-11-13 8 1367.58 KB
This manual describes Maxsurf v8 for Windows and is divided into five chapters. It uses a learn by example method and introduces you to the features of Maxsurf in a step by step manner. Many of the examples given use designs supplied with you..

  Maxsurf_Digitizing 2008-11-13 17 315.78 KB
The first step in the process of fitting a surface to a lines plan is getting a three dimensional set of marker points to use as a guide. If you have a lines plan that can be scanned into a .jpeg or .bmp file, this is a fairly straightforward ..

  Maxsurf_Hydromax Training 2008-11-13 14 345.01 KB
The Design window gives you a perspective, plan, profile or body plan view of the vessel. Tanks, compartments, margin line, down flooding points etc may all be displayed in this view. You should use these views to check that the Hydromax sect..

  Maxsurf_Hydromax Training_Examples 2008-11-13 15 445.77 KB
Before carrying out an inclining experiment, the following vessel preparation is required: • vessel as complete as possible and surveyed to determine weights which will be added or removed when in service • boilers and engine sum..

  Maxsurf_Hydromax Training_Tutorials 2008-11-13 27 445.68 KB
When prompted, select Read Sections from File and set precision to medium. Click OK to close the dialog box. If you change to the Design window (select from the menu either Window | Profile, Window | Plan, Window | Perspective or Window | Bod..

  Maxsurf 11 Manual 2008-11-13 13 8371.85 KB
This manual describes the Maxsurf program and is divided into five chapters. It uses a learn-by-example method and introduces you to the features of Maxsurf in a step-by-step manner. Many of the examples given use designs supplied with your M..

  Maxsurf 3d superesteuc modelling 2008-11-13 65 32.14 KB
* Fast to learn and easy to master graphical interface * Model complex hull geometry with trimmed surfaces * Visualise hull shape changes with dynamic updating * Match required hull parameters using parametric transformation * Extract key de..

  Maxsurf Example1-Three_ways_to_model_a_chine_hull 2008-11-13 25 790.76 KB
There are three ways of producing surface discontinuities (or chines) in a hull: 1) Compacted control points Only a single surface, useful for blending a chine into a round bilge. More complicated fairing, more difficult to adjust spline sti..

  Maxsurf Example2-Designing_a_hull_with_developable_surfaces 2008-11-13 17 1103.41 KB
Maxsurf is able to facilitate the design of a hull using developable surfaces. A developable surface is one that can be formed from a flat sheet without stretching the material. There are several main processes to creating such a design:

  Maxsurf Example3-Surface_Fitting 2008-11-13 15 1246.04 KB
The lines plan may be in one of several different formats: 3D DXF computer file If the existing lines plan is in 3D DXF format, it can be read directly into Maxsurf and markers generated automatically. To do this, start a new desig..

  Maxsurf Example4-Designing_Transom_stern_hulls 2008-11-13 12 205.58 KB
15.1. Yacht hull with skeg using 6 bonded surfaces Here, a skeg that runs part of the length of the hull has been achieved with six bonded surfaces. The main hull and after hull have been given slope continuity at their bonded edge by using t..

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